Use Case

Keeping players on top of their game



A global gaming company wanted to ensure their 6 million daily players across 190 countries could continue to enjoy their games anytime and anywhere with no downtime and no disruption. With 300 terabytes of data stored in an on-premises Cloudera Hadoop cluster, they wanted to continuously replicate that data to Amazon S3 to ensure they would be protected in the event of an outage. They struggled to find a solution that could move large volumes of continuously changing data without impacting the gaming experience for their millions of players.


They found WANdisco LiveData Platform patented active data replication technology was the only solution available which enabled them to continuously move large volumes of constantly changing data to the cloud and ensure it’s always in sync with their growing on-premises Cloudera Hadoop cluster, with no downtime and no disruption for their online gamers.

  • The global gaming company used the WANdisco LiveData Platform to transfer data to Amazon S3 as it changed in their on-premises Cloudera Hadoop cluster. WANdisco Fusion’s active data replication guaranteed data consistency in both locations.
  • Their Amazon S3 and on-premises Cloudera environments now operate in parallel. In case of an unplanned outage, they can now rest assured that all of their latest data will be available in Amazon and recovery will be seamless.
  • They also saved money by leveraging the economies of scale provided by the cloud. They can now use Amazon to scale up with no additional investment in on-premises infrastructure.
  • If required, they can now easily move its data to another cloud provider using WANdisco’s patented LiveData Platform technology.

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