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Company Overview

The Korea Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) collects and manages bio-research resource information and genomic information. In 2020 they began to collect COVID-19 genome data produced worldwide. KOBIC also operates Bio-Express, a large-scale Genomic Data Analysis Cloud service, which they provide for free to bio-engineering researchers at hospitals, businesses, universities and research institutes in Korea.


Bio-Express has high-performance data analysis requirements, but the time needed to replicate the large volume of data between their Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and their Linux/Unix based Lustre file system was lengthy and impacts Bio-Express response times. KOBIC needed a way to reduce the time required to replicate data and improve the overall system performance.


In early 2020 WANdisco announced free access to their suite of cloud migration and big data tools, for teams involved in developing potential treatments and cures for the COVID-19 pandemic. WANdisco provided their solution and technical resources free of charge to KOBIC to assist the organization in enhancing its architecture, developing products, and introducing WANdisco’s automated replication technology into KOBIC’s workflow.

“KOBIC uses the WANdisco technology to automate file transfer 13 times faster in both directions between Hadoop-based Big Data Analysis Program Execution Cluster (HDFS) and Linux-based Genomic Analysis Program Execution Cluster (Lustre). We were able to reduce the overall average time to analyze user genomic data of Bio-Express service by more than 30%.”

Kun-Hwan Ko, Researcher at KOBIC’s Computational Development Team


Leveraging WANdisco technology the Bio-Express next-generation service was able to:

  • Replicate files 13 times faster

  • Shorten average analysis time of Bio-Express services by greater than 30%

  • Provide users with faster response times and the ability to perform their research with greater efficiency


KOBIC achieves 13x faster data transfer between hetrogeneous file systems to improve performance of COVID-19 research

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