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Power your business with future-proof technology

Organizations around the world are able to work more effectively and efficiently with the benefits our patented technology provides.


Data ingest and analysis across disparate environments and locations leads to a greater understanding of your client base giving you a competitive advantage.


Real time data availability enhances collaboration leading to more effective decision making.


No downtime and no data loss increases revenue and employee productivity as you operate round the clock.

Cost Saving

All servers are used for backup and disaster recovery with no redundancy.


Analyze your data without moving sensitive information across borders to remain compliant with data security and privacy protection regulations.


Only our servers are exposed through the firewall reducing vulnerability to hackers.


Analyze your data in the way you want as we replicate changes across different environments with guaranteed consistency and no vendor lock-in.


Ensure the availability of the same real time data across multiple storage environments and locations whether on-premises or in the cloud.

See how our technologycreates remarkable results for our customers

We work with organizations all over the world and in all sectors to guarantee real-time access to their data anytime and anywhere with no downtime and no disruption.

UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELDUsing big data to fight dementia

An EU funded initiative which could make it easier for doctors to spot the early signs of dementia is using WANdisco Fusion to move big data between different cloud providers for analysis.

ENVESTNET | YODLEEUpgrading systems with no downtime

Leading data aggregation and data analytics platform, Envestnet I Yodlee, was using Cloudera's CDH 4.4 for its Big Data environment. Envestnet I Yodlee found WANdisco Fusion was the only solution that would enable an upgrade to CDH 5.7 with no downtime and no business disruption due to significant differences between the releases.

Uniting a global workforce

Juniper Networks operate 24/7 with no downtime and no disruption with the same real time data available in each of their offices and all servers used for backup and disaster recovery.

Keeping players on top of their game

Playtika used WANdisco Fusion to transfer data to Amazon S3 as it changed in their on-premises Cloudera Hadoop cluster.

UC IRVINE HEALTHHow big data is saving lives

UC Irvine Health is one of the world’s first medical institutions to reduce the number of deaths caused by medical error using our patented technology.

100% data synchronization

Syniverse enhances employee productivity with real time data availability across multiple locations.

30% increase in productivity

Phoenix Technologies’ development teams work round the clock with the availability of the same real time data across multiple locations.

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