Use Case

Driving car technology forward


A major automotive manufacturer needed to ensure vehicle data moved seamlessly between data centers and the cloud to fulfill the growing demand in the sector for driverless technology and predictive maintenance.


IBM Big Replicate, powered by WANdisco LiveData Platform, was found to be the only solution on the market capable of moving such continuously changing data sets with no downtime and no disruption

  • The automobile manufacturer is now confident it is set up to handle the increasing volumes of data produced as cars become smarter and the sector moves towards self-driving technology
  • The automobile manufacturer can now analyze data about how their cars are used – how fast someone drives or hits the brakes – which enables them to quickly pinpoint areas for upgrading and adjust the car appropriately
  • Using such data also enables the manufacturer to better forecast their parts inventory optimizing the supply chain for dealers and improving customer satisfaction
  • Their cars can now identify unusual events in real-time and proactively take actions on potential performance issues with predictive maintenance

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