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HM Health Solutions protects next-generation healthcase services with an always-on data lake

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As it set out to build its first data lake, HM Health Solutions aimed to protect the platform from disaster 24/7. How could the company ensure that its cutting-edge Hadoop cluster offered 24/7 availability?


HM Health Solutions deployed the WANdisco Fusion platform to continuously replicate large, fast-changing HDFS and Apache Hive data sets between its primary data lake and a disaster recovery environment.


  • Enables seamless business continuity in the event of an outage, reducing operational disruption
  • Ensures near-zero data loss in a recovery scenario, keeping valuable healthcare data protected
  • Offers a scalable solution able to handle predicted 30% year-on-year increase in data volumes
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"By configuring WANdisco Fusion for bi-directional replication, HM Health Solutions' DR environment could be used for production workloads, effectively doubling its compute capacity without compromising on its DR capabilities."

Steven Swartzlander, Lead Architect as HM Health Solutions

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