Use Case

Making energy smarter


A large national energy firm with over one million smart meters installed in homes across the country found data consistency problems could take up to 2 days to resolve whilst requirements to continuously ingest smart meter sensor data took hours and severely degraded performance on the production cluster. With a government mandate to grow the deployment to handle data from over five million smart meters by 2018, they needed a solution to enable them to carry on with this impressive transformation.


The firm turned to WANdisco LiveData Platform active data replication technology to ensure large volumes of data are consistently available, maintain performance as the deployment grows, and simplify the ingest and transfer of internal, consumer, and public data streams.

  • Smart meter data and its traditional data sources are used to improve its engineering operations and sell data related products to its partners.
  • Awareness of individual energy use compared to baseline patterns has led to more targeted marketing with a higher conversion rate.
  • Heightened customer awareness of energy use has enabled many customers to make annual savings of $100 or more on their energy bill.
  • As the firm notifies customers of how to save energy and how they compare to energy-efficient neighbours, it has driven a 6% drop in consumption and saved 1.5 Terawatt hours of energy.
  • With a reliable and scalable platform in place, the firm is now pushing ahead to reap more benefits including putting a data science team in place to help the rest of the business exploit the data as well as adding “smart home” products to increase its data footprint with the consumer.

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