WANdisco LiveData Platform powers Oracle Hybrid Cloud

Zero-disruption data migrations

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Move to Oracle Cloud with ease and enable a hybrid Oracle environment

WANdisco’s partnership with Oracle helps you to migrate data to the Oracle Cloud rapidly and easily, and exploit the power and capabilities of the Oracle Cloud environment.

WANdisco LiveData Migrator enterprise software offers real-time replication of data between multiple sources and targets, for any data architecture. Even when data is spread across different locations, and even while data is being migrated, WANdisco LiveData Migrator guarantees consistency.

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Migrate data of any scale to Oracle Cloud.

Migrate to the cloud without interrupting access to critical business data, even during the migration.

Migrate from on-premise Hadoop to Oracle Big Data Cloud or any other Oracle-based Hadoop implementations on non-Oracle cloud services. Integrate on-premise and multiple cloud architectures, making it possible to migrate from one cloud to another and avoid vendor lock-in.

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Disaster Prevention for any Environment

Disaster recovery and high availability via near-zero RTO and RPO ensures business continuity and data SLA compliance across on-premise, hybrid and multi-region, Multi Cloud environments.

Cloud Migration Without Downtime

Transfer data to Oracle BDA as it changes in on-premises local and NFS mounted file systems, Hadoop clusters or other cloud environments with guaranteed consistency. Continuous active migration eliminates WAN traffic spikes and allows high volume data transfer to keep up with on-premises ingest rates.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

Keeps on-premise and cloud environments continuously in sync capturing every change wherever it occurs.

Burst Capacity

Use Oracle Cloud to provide burst capacity for on-premise Hadoop to accelerate analytics delivery. Enable burst analytics by replicating current data to the cloud. Scale up for intense workload, and ensure results are immediately available for all systems.

Consolidate Data Lakes

Use Oracle Cloud to consolidate data lakes in a multi-region, Multi Cloud environment including both Oracle Cloud and AWS. Combine and consolidate data lakes and other data stores, regardless of location or environment, for maximum cost-efficiency.

Combine Data Lakes

Combine and consolidate data lakes and other data stores, regardless of location or environment, for maximum cost-efficiency

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Fully-featured, self-service and automated. Start migrating data in minutes, at any scale to any cloud. With zero production system downtime and zero business disruption. Start with 5TB free. Seeing is indeed believing.


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