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3 Steps to Accelerate Your Hadoop-to-AWS Cloud Migration

Execute a successful Hadoop-to-AWS cloud migration with these 3 takeaways from the WANdisco guide Strategies for Migrating Hadoop On-Premises to AWS.

2021 Hadoop-to-Cloud Migration Benchmark Report

2021 Hadoop-to-Cloud Migration Benchmark Report outlines the trends, challenges and opportunities of Hadoop on premises to cloud migration.

Data-First Cloud Migration and the Migration Gap

A data-first migration enables companies to make data available in a new location while maintaining operations against those data during migration.

DistCp for Hadoop-to-Cloud Migrations: Beware of the Risks

DistCp introduces massive business risk into Hadoop-to-Cloud data migrations. Learn the pros and cons of DistCp to streamline your cloud migration.

3 Strategies to Navigate the Cloudera Acquisition

The private equity Cloudera acquisition highlights the need for flexibility in cloud migration and data modernization strategies.

Cloud Architects: The Unsung Heroes of the Cloud

Cloud Architects are the champions of organizational cloud strategy. This article drills into the Cloud Architect role, what she does, what she needs, and what we can do to improve her effectiveness in this challenging and vital role.

Accelerate Analytics Value Capture with WANdisco + Databricks

Streamline data migration and accelerate value capture from analytics investments with WANdisco’s new capabilities for Databricks.

Easily Migrate Apache Hive Metastore to AWS Glue Data Catalog

Teams can easily migrate from an Apache Hive metastore to AWS Glue Data Catalog. LiveData Migrator eliminates complex and error-prone workarounds that require one-off scripts and configuration in the Hive metastore.

COVID-19 Accelerated Cloud Adoption. Are You Ready for What’s Next?

LiveData Migrator addresses the challenges associated with large-scale cloud data migration enabling companies to continue to accelerate their cloud adoption.

Learn about Azure cloud storage solutions at Azure Storage Day

Microsoft is hosting Azure Storage Day on April 29, 2021 where you can learn more about Azure cloud storage solutions and innovations, including information on an exclusive offer with LiveData Platform for Azure.



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