Use Case

Making cities smarter


A city in the Gulf wanted to use information and communication technologies to improve municipal services and respond to residents’ needs as efficiently as possible. Through the use of mobile devices and sensors integrated with real-time monitoring systems, they wanted to collect and analyze data to tackle inefficiencies in transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, and law enforcement. Given the critical nature of many of these services, continuous availability was a hard requirement for the municipal government.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the municipal government evaluated all the options available on the market and determined the WANdisco LiveData Platform was the only solution to guarantee continuous availability – essential when the problems smart city systems tackle can be a matter of life and death.

  • WANdisco is deployed with the Hortonworks Data Platform Hadoop distribution running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware to provide access to city services and data for all individuals including private and public sector utilities.
  • WANdisco’s LiveData Platform technology enables the city to analyze, store, and secure the huge amounts of data being created by sensors, wireless, web, and mobile-based applications. The city aims to have the entire city’s services and facilities available on smartphones.
  • The platform went live at the end of 2016 and the project will continue to be rolled out in two further phases.
  • All the city’s traffic lights are now connected wirelessly to a central command center. By using cameras and sensors on busy roads, the timings of the traffic lights can be altered to adjust traffic flows in real-time easing congestion and directing people away from problem areas.
  • The city aspires to be the smartest in the world and this initiative, underpinned by WANdisco’s patented technology, is one of its kind.

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