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WANdisco announces the release of WANdisco Fusion® for Backup

July 11 2017

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA - WANdisco (LSE: WAND), the world leader in Active Data Replication™, is pleased to announce several strategic customers have begun beta testing WANdisco Fusion’s new Backup functionality as part of their existing contract with WANdisco. 

WANdisco Fusion for Backup features improved functionality for customers including:

  • No backup-dedicated storage: WANdisco Fusion for Backup, unlike other solutions, does not require dedicated hardware leading to greater cost savings and ROI
  • No scheduled backup period: Changes to data are recorded wherever they occur with automatic recovery in case of an outage from any point in time
  • Opt-in backup: An administrator can select subsets of content for backup to minimize costs
  • Low overhead: Adding backup capabilities to a specific location imposes no additional overhead on regular Fusion operations for the source system
  • Cross-target backups: Users can back up content to other Fusion supported environments, including from on-premises to cloud object storage such as Amazon S3 or Glacier
  • No administrator overhead: No additional time for maintenance is required once backup functionality has been enabled
  • Co-existence: Fusion Backup works with regular Fusion continuous active-active replication

Other leading market solutions for backup need:

  • Dedicated hardware for backup: Other solutions need dedicated resources for backup with no option of running analytics on data on these clusters
  • Scheduled backups: Other solutions require scheduled backups which either take a manual copy of the file system using DistCp or HDFS snapshots. Neither solution matches the functionality of active-active replication which enables continuous backup.

David Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of WANdisco, commented:

“The rapid growth of mission-critical applications means companies cannot afford the risk of downtime and data loss. WANdisco Fusion continues to be the only solution available which can guarantee zero RTO in the event of an outage across multiple locations using our patented active data replication technology.” 



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