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WANdisco announces new release of Fusion for improved product performance

November 20 2017

San Ramon, California - WANdisco (LSE: WAND), the world leader in Active Data Replication™, is pleased to announce the release of WANdisco Fusion® 2.11. WANdisco Fusion® 2.11 includes substantial performance improvements to the Fusion core replication engine, Fusion Kernel, resulting in flexible installation processes for users as well as significant product performance benefits.

With WANdisco Fusion 2.11 users can install Fusion plugins independently of the Fusion platform to improve core functionality. In addition, users can expect 40% to 75% improved throughput and reduced memory requirements.

Other improvements in Fusion 2.11 include:

Plugins: New Fusion plugins for Hive replication and scripting are now available in beta form to augment core functionality. Add other plugins to Fusion 2.11 deployments without the need to re-install.

Business continuity: Fusion can continue to operate during periods of extended network outage by using local storage in addition to memory.

Non-blocking consistency check: Perform consistency state checks without blocking other cluster activity, and scheduled them for specific start times. 

Replication memberships: Simplify system administration by creating replication rules without the need to specify memberships in advance.

Bulk replication rules: Create multiple replication rules at the same time when they share attributes other than file system location.

David Richards, Co-founder and CEO of WANdisco said:

“The release of WANdisco Fusion® 2.11 enables our customers to have more flexibility in the way they use our Fusion technology while getting the most out of their hardware. With the release of additional plug-ins, Fusion addresses new use cases, including deployments between data centers and cloud storage so our customers can continue to get the most value from their data.”



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