WANdisco secures contract with major US healthcare corporation

July 03 2017

Provider of so-called ‘active data replication’, WANdisco, announced on Monday that it secured a new contract with a "major" American healthcare corporation serving 50 million Americans in all 50 states, for the deployment of its ‘Fusion’ patented big data and cloud product.

The AIM-traded company said the contract was secured directly by WANdisco on a three year subscription licence agreement.

It said the client planned to deploy business-critical strategic patient data across a new big data/cloud infrastructure, which has “stringent requirements” around continuous availability of the applications and data.

Fusion was reportedly selected as it was seen by the client as “the only” enterprise-level solution that could transfer the large volumes of continuously-changing critical patient data to the cloud, without impacting its availability and consistency.

“We are delighted to have secured our first customer in the healthcare sector, a large and highly prized target market for our business,” said co-founder and CEO David Richards.

“We already have agreements with customers in the automotive, government, retail and finance sectors - and we believe the demand for Fusion doesn't stop there.

“What is also particularly pleasing is that to secure a contract with a healthcare business, where downtime and disruption to critical patient data is not an option, is further validation of not only our technology, but also our ability to manage unprecedented volumes of active, transactional data.”

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