WANdisco LiveAnalytics Offers Constant Data Analytics during Cloud Migration

September 20 2019

A new press release reports, “WANdisco, the LiveData company, announced today the release of LiveAnalytics to ensure uninterrupted business insights by migrating data from on-premises Hadoop environments into Spark-based analytics in the cloud, such as Databricks. LiveAnalytics uniquely allows both migrated and migrating data to be immediately and continuously available for analysis. LiveAnalytics works in tandem with WANdisco’s LiveMigrator, its petabyte-scale, non-blocking, single scan data migration technology that automatically enables enterprises’ on-premises data to be consistent with migrated cloud-based data. By using LiveAnalytics with LiveMigrator, business operations and analytics are ‘business as usual’ as data shifts to the cloud – a process that can take months or even years for enterprises.”

WANdisco CEO and co-founder David Richards said, “With WANdisco LiveMigrator, we solved the problem of moving petabyte-scale data to the cloud without interruption to business operations… With LiveAnalytics, we have increased the scope of that vision. Enterprises that wish to modernize their analytics platform by leveraging Spark in the cloud can now migrate on-premises Hadoop analytics without interrupting their analytics processing, creating a seamless transition from Hadoop to Spark. Enterprises are truly free to choose the analytics platform they want in the cloud and make the best decision for the business as a whole.”

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