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WANdisco launches new multicloud live data platform

December 10 2018


Big data company WANdisco has announced the launch of a new live data platform that will enable businesses to manage their applications in a multicloud environment.

The Sheffield-based technology firm says the LiveData platform for Multicloud will provide data accuracy and consistency for business applications in any combination of major cloud environments.

David Richards, CEO and co-founder of WANdisco, said: “We believe that the launch of LiveData for Multicloud opens a significant total addressable market for our technology.

“We already have a pipeline of customers that have clear requirements to seamlessly move data between different cloud providers.

“The LiveData platform for Multicloud has the potential to supercharge the growth and success of modern day, data-based businesses.

“Across all sectors, from healthcare and transport, to retail and finance – enhancing data processing can be transformative.

“By combining the forces of different storage infrastructures and expanding geographic reach, WANdisco is setting new parameters for Multicloud operations that will have an impact across industries.”

The offering will leverage WANdisco’s strategic partnerships with the major cloud services providers, including Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and IBM.

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