How the Data Shed and WANdisco are using data as a force for good

September 25 2019

In the right hands, data can be a force for good. Two Yorkshire business leaders believe data can raise aspirations and protect vulnerable people. Greg Wright reports

To sceptics, the devil is lurking within our data. Every time we engage with a social media giant or a public body, we leave a trace which provides clues about our strengths, weaknesses, hopes and desires. In the wrong hands, this data can be used for dark purposes.

But if you spend a few minutes in the company of Ed Thewlis from the fast-growing Leeds data company The Data Shed, your fears will soon ease. Data can transform and save lives, he believes, provided it only finds its way into benevolent hands. You just have to remember the case of the kindly Yorkshireman, Dr Snow and the water-pump.

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