The Top 100 Data Activation Leaders of 2022

By Tony Velcich
Mar 02, 2022

Discover the top 100 global data leaders who are making a tremendous impact on their organizations through data activation.

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated daily, according to Accenture. All of this data is meaningless unless it’s captured, used, and ultimately activated to create business value; some estimates put the amount of data that goes unused as high as 80%. Data activation is the practice of not just using this data, but also leveraging it to deliver material and meaningful impact in key areas of the business. This mindset is gathering steam as more companies are developing sounder governance plans and implementing data modernization strategies to get the most value from their data. At the center of this momentum is the chief data officer (CDO).

But who are the leaders who are leading the charge into this future where data is activated to deliver business value? Given the current digital landscape and the importance that the CDO plays in a data-intensive world, WANdisco partnered with, a thought leadership platform that connects influential business leaders, to showcase the top 100 global leaders who are using data to unlock value, lead innovation, and transform their organizations into data-driven companies.

100 Activators

“In today’s world, company data is critical to every strategic business decision. Enterprise data leaders are the gatekeepers to this insight, making it so important to showcase and celebrate their work,” said Philip Randerson, founder and CEO, The nomination and award criteria for the Top 100 Data Activators list was based on the role that data activation played in a number of areas, including technological innovation, cost optimization, new revenue streams, corporate culture, and the CDO as a recognized thought leader among C-suite executives.

WANdisco joins in congratulating the winners for their placements and achievements. Furthermore, we want to recognize and give a heartfelt thank you to the judges who worked hard curating this amazing list of data leaders:

The CDO’s role clearly has evolved from the early 2000s, when the focus was on data governance and compliance, to the more recent use of data to drive business outcomes. This shift is being influenced by the benefits of cloud computing, which includes the ability to run data analytics, AI, and machine learning to generate true business insights and gain a competitive edge.

The amount of big data being collected by organizations every day coupled with the power of analytics is a phenomenon that can have a transformative impact on business. According to, “Executive boards are extremely mindful that sound data practice, management, and governance are now core to their organization’s future.”

As data continues to drive business outcomes, the CDO will continue to play a crucial role as their companies look to them for leadership in helping them achieve digital success. Organizations that can attain agile and talented data leaders who can transform operations through data activation will secure their place in this digital economy.

See how one leading global telco activated its data to deliver 7x improvement in customer experience metrics.


Tony Velcich
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Tony is an accomplished product management and marketing leader with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. Tony is currently responsible for product marketing at WANdisco, helping to drive go-to-market strategy, content and activities. Tony has a strong background in data management having worked at leading database companies including Oracle, Informix and TimesTen where he led strategy for areas such as big data analytics for the telecommunications industry, sales force automation, as well as sales and customer experience analytics.



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