Why Certification for Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data Platform Matters

By WANdisco , Jan 30, 2020

WANdisco Fusion was recently certified for Huawei’s FusionInsight big data platform. This is big news for WANdisco, of course. It will bring Fusion to a whole new market – enabling high availability and active-active replication for any clients worldwide choosing Huawei’s FusionInsight big data platform.

More importantly, we believe that this is an important step forward for the big data market. The Fusion-FusionInsight product combination will measurably help meet the growing demand for high availability for big data, with zero downtime and active-active replication to ensure business continuity. Overall, the combination will provide customers with more comprehensive, efficient and flexible data protection services.

What is Huawei FusionInsight?

Huawei FusionInsight is an enterprise-grade distributed big data platform that provides massive data storage, query, and analysis capabilities. The platform quickly integrates and manages different types of large-capacity data, and supports the building of various business applications. FusionInsight assists enterprises in rapidly identifying opportunities and risks using real-time analytics that help with decision-making and ultimately improve profits. It runs over standard x86 servers, requiring no additional hardware or storage components, and boasts an open architecture. FusionInsight’s easy-to-use, secure, and highly reliable Operation and Maintenance (O&M) system and data modeling middleware are complemented by a full scope of application development services - allowing data-intensive industries to better monetize their data’s value.

What is WANdisco Fusion?

WANdisco Fusion-based solutions enable the replication of continuously changing data to the cloud and on-premises data centers with guaranteed consistency, no downtime and no business disruption. Fusion keeps geographically dispersed data at any scale consistent across all environments, allowing businesses to operate seamlessly in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Leveraging WANdisco’s core patented DConE technology, solutions based on Fusion enable active-active replication with no single points of failure or scalability bottlenecks. Productized for multiple markets, DConE is how Fusion-based products like LiveMigrator keep data consistent across multiple cloud environments.

What Are They Saying?

Pang Xin, Vice President of Intelligent Data and Storage, Huawei IT Product Line, is “…glad that WANdisco Fusion has passed the certification of Huawei FusionInsight and started further cooperation in the growing market demand. Huawei FusionInsight and WANdisco LiveMigrator's in-depth cooperation will definitely create more value for customers."

David Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of WANdisco, noted that “Huawei is pushing the boundaries of big data and we look forward to working closely with the team to deliver best in class services for high availability for mission critical systems, and unique live data synchronization. This product cooperation marries an exceptional platform with our unique live data capabilities to protect critical data in real time.”

The Bottom Line

The certification of WANdisco Fusion for FusionInsight will further the big data market by creating high availability capability for live big data synchronization. Moreover, it will enhance data consistency and provide users of Huawei FusionInsight with more robust and complete data security.

Read the original translated version of Huawei's press release →

About the author

Keith Graham

Keith previously spent nine years with TIBCO Software in Asia Pacific including serving for over five years as Regional Vice President and Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand. Keith worked at Librados as Vice President EMEA, where he was part of the founding team from start-up until the acquisition by NetManage. He was a Regional Director at Reuters Plc, where he was responsible for Reuters’ $100m+ software solutions business. Keith holds an MA in Management Science and Information Systems Studies from Trinity College, Dublin.



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