WANdisco LiveData Migrator will democratize and accelerate data lake migration to the cloud with zero downtime

By Van Diamandakis, Sep 17, 2020 in Company

Over the next two years, more than half of all data lake migration projects will go over budget, and take longer than anticipated, according to Gartner.

In terms of dollars and cents, this is a crushing statistic, especially for companies facing a post-Covid-19 economy that is already riddled with hurdles. So here at WANdisco, we’re helping our customers to accelerate their digital transformations and time to value, while reducing business risk and costs.

We are thrilled to announce today the launch of WANdisco LiveData Migrator, an automated, self-service solution that democratizes cloud data migration at any scale by enabling companies and people without degrees in rocket science to easily start migrating on-premises Hadoop data to any public cloud within minutes, even while the source data sets are under active use. And rather than rolling out critical new technology that can transform businesses but then keeping it under lock and key, we’re also democratizing the process, and offering it as a free trial for up to five terabytes.

With LiveData Migrator, businesses can migrate their data without needing to hire engineers or consultants. And they can do so without worrying about business downtime because the solution can be implemented immediately. There is no production system downtime or business disruption; digital transformation is kickstarted immediately and business operations can continue as usual while migration occurs and all ongoing data changes are replicated to the target cloud environment.

Here is what our customer Wayne Peacock, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at GoDaddy had to say about WANdisco’s LiveData Migrator:

At GoDaddy, deep technical knowledge is in our DNA, and we often build applications in-house to support growth,” said Wayne Peacock, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, GoDaddy. “In the use case of a Hadoop to Amazon S3 data migration and replication, we found WANdisco’s LiveData Migrator to be the optimal approach to deliver the best time to value, rather than running a more time-consuming and costly manual migration project internally. With LiveData Migrator, we have completed the first phase, giving us a quick win by fully automating the HDFS migration of 70 TB in five days, avoiding disruption of production processes and making the data immediately available in Amazon S3 for testing.”

WANdisco LiveData Migrator is coming to the market at a moment when nearly 70% of enterprises have started moving data to the cloud as part of their digital transformation, but continue to face migraine headaches and risks of lost business and compromised data in the process. Migrating large data volumes via traditional approaches, such as transfer devices or DistCp (distributed copy), requires disrupting the operation of on-premises applications and doesn't cater to data that is modified or created during migration. Reconciliation at scale is costly and cannot guarantee a completely consistent data outcome. The overhead required to achieve non-disruptive, no-downtime big data migration is significant due to repeated scans, systems out of sync and manual intervention for anticipated failures and interruptions.

WANdisco LiveData Migrator eliminates data migration risks with immediate, live and scalable migration. Administrators can easily and immediately move data lake content to the cloud while minimizing IT resource involvement with automated migration capabilities. No changes are required to applications, cluster or node configuration or operation, and there is no production system downtime or business disruption, while ensuring their data changes are migrated continuously and completely.

LiveData Migrator also enables the transition to a hybrid architecture, where on-premises and cloud environments are kept consistent for active-active replication capabilities, and sets the foundation for a future multi-cloud architecture. Its capabilities include: Complete and Continuous Data Migration; Rapid Availability; Any Scale; Hadoop & Object Storage; Selective Migration.

Regardless of company size or technical expertise, LiveData Migrator enables businesses to migrate their data risk-free to the cloud at any scale without any disruption to business operations. Data can be accommodated without any risk of data loss while modernizing data and applications to stay competitive.

I’ll wrap this up with what Merv Adrian, Research Vice President of Data and Analytics at Gartner said about WANDisco’s LiveData Platform:

WANdisco’s ability to move petabytes of data without interrupting production and without risk of losing the data midflight is something that no other vendor does.”

Seeing is believing.Try LiveDataMigrator today

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Van Diamandakis

Van Diamandakis, SVP of Marketing, WANdisco

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