WANdisco LiveData Migrator for Microsoft Azure advances to Public Preview

By Paul Scott-Murphy, Oct 06, 2020

LiveData Migrator is the first of several WANdisco LiveData Platform for Microsoft Azure service to be made available in public preview, giving Hadoop users a 100% Azure-native experience to deploy, configure and manage WANdisco’s world-class solution for migrating actively used Hadoop data from HDFS to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2. By integrating with Azure in this depth, users can eliminate the need to adopt or learn a new management platform, and begin migrating Hadoop data without any downtime or disruption to their Hadoop platforms.

With this new component of WANdisco LiveData Cloud Services, you can:

  • Create and manage a WANdisco LiveData Migrator deployment in minutes, entirely from the Azure Portal,

  • Service the commercial requirements for operation entirely for metered usage, and pay for that usage on your existing Azure bill, with a free tier of usage for up to 25TB of data,

  • Initiate migration of actively-used Hadoop datasets to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 without any change or disruption to on-premises clusters, and without any need to modify or stop application activity against data under migration, and

  • Leverage the full capabilities of Azure services against datasets that were previously isolated from Azure.

Simple, Fast, Easy

Deep integration with Azure means that you can go directly from the LiveData Migrator listing in the Azure Marketplace to having Hadoop data available in Azure storage in minutes. Start your migration journey in Azure, and eliminate the complex, costly and risk-laden difficulties of Hadoop cluster changes in just a few clicks.

Migrating Hadoop Data in Three Steps

Begin migrating data in just three steps:

  1. Deploy the on-premises LiveData Migrator instance with a single command, then

  2. Select your target storage account, and

  3. Select your source data by location in Hadoop.

You can immediately observe your data becoming available in Azure storage, and manage this and subsequent migrations directly through the Azure Portal. Take full control of your migration without leaving Azure. Take advantage of selective data replication to ensure you only migrate what you need, and stop migration at any point, all without impacting application operation on-premises, or without the complexity of deploying additional runtime components in Azure to service migration needs.

LiveData Migrator provides a native resource blade for the Azure Portal to present a familiar management experience. Use it to create and help track migration targets and your data transfer. 

Free migration for 25 TB

The metered billing for WANdisco LiveData Migrator includes a free tier for up to 25TB of data transferred, allowing you to complete small migrations at no cost, and allowing you to validate the success of WANdisco’s technology in your own production environments at no risk for larger needs.

If your migration requirements go beyond the small, besides providing a turnkey solution for data at scale, you can benefit from metered billing of your usage to ensure you only pay for what you need. LiveData Migrator for Azure costs form a part of your existing Azure bill, and you can draw down on pre-committed spend for its use. Streamline or avoid additional approval processes that would be needed for alternative technologies, and get started now.

Access LiveData Migrator for Azure now

The benefits of WANdisco’s collaboration with Microsoft in developing a native Azure experience for Hadoop migration can be seen and experienced today on the Azure Marketplace. Access LiveData Migrator for Azure,  and take advantage of our public preview directly.

About the author

Paul Scott-Murphy, VP Product Management, WANdisco

Paul has overall responsibility for WANdisco’s product strategy, including the delivery of product to market and its success. This includes directing the product management team, product strategy, requirements definitions, feature management and prioritisation, roadmaps, coordination of product releases with customer and partner requirements and testing. Previously Regional Chief Technology Officer for TIBCO Software in Asia Pacific and Japan. Paul has a Bachelor of Science with first class honours and a Bachelor of Engineering with first class honours from the University of Western Australia.



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