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Consistent business and analytic insights using Databricks across multiple cloud regions and providers

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LiveDeltaLake ensures Databricks users get consistent business insights when using multiple cloud regions or providers. With LiveDeltaLake, any changes made to content in Managed Delta Lake on Databricks are replicated among these environments.

The Benefits

Always available

Data Accuracy & Availability

LiveDeltaLake opens up significant new business scenarios always ensuring consistency and accuracy of operation.

Always available

Continuous Analytics

LiveDeltaLake ensures Databricks users maintain consistent business insights when deploying across regions or across cloud environments.

Always available

Business Continuity

Reductions in development time, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage our multisite solutions pay for themselves.

WANdisco LiveDeltaLake Use Cases

Cross-region Databricks

Run Databricks workspaces in different cloud regions against the same data, with active/active replication. Overcome shortages of compute capacity, or improve resiliency at scale by leveraging other cloud regions.

Replicate data across regions

  • Any Azure region with Databricks
  • Any AWS region with Databricks
Data from Hive to Delta Lake

Hadoop/Hive to Databricks with Live Analytics

Cross-storage Migration

Remove the limitations of your current storage service by migrating to a new storage platform without disrupting your users or analytic operations. Migrate existing data at scale with a single click, and maintain consistency for changing data at the same time.

Migrate data across cloud environments

  • ADLS Gen 1 and ADLS Gen 2
  • ADLS and S3

Cross-storage Databricks Continuous Replication

Access all your analytics data from any cloud region or storage service. Replicate changes made to analytics data for Databricks in any location or storage platform with guaranteed consistency using WANdisco LiveDeltaLake. Continue to use any of multiple storage services (e.g. ADLS Gen 1 and ADLS Gen2, or ADLS and S3) during operation or migration by applying WANdisco's high-performance coordination engine to keep your data accessible, accurate and consistent.

Replicate data across cloud environments

  • Azure: WASB, ADLS Gen 1, ADLS Gen 2
  • AWS: S3
Data from Hive to Delta Lake

LiveDeltaLake Data Migration on Azure between ADLS Gen1 and Gen2

WANdisco LiveDeltaLake provides continuous, consistent replication of analytics data across Managed Delta Lake on Databricks allowing the customer to leverage different cloud regions, storage systems or cloud vendors like Azure or AWS. In this demonstration, WANdisco's Paul Scott-Murphy migrates data from ADLS Gen1 to ADLS Gen2 storage while continuing to use the ADLS Gen1 environment.



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