Continuous replication and migration

The only solution that provides continuous consistent connectivity to data as it changes in NFS storage systems and replicates it to any other WANdisco Fusion supported storage environment, on-premises or in the cloud.

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What is a Network File System?

A Network File System or NFS enables the storage and retrieval of data from multiple locations across a shared network.

The NFS manages the authorization of clients, allowing access to shared data once authenticated.

WANdisco Fusion is the only solution that seamlessly moves active data to the cloud as it changes in on-premises, local, and NFS mounted file systems, Hadoop clusters and other cloud environments.

Network File System Data Replication

WANdisco Fusion is the only solution that provides continuous replication of changing data from Network File System storage, making it available in any other WANdisco Fusion supported storage environment on-premises or in the cloud. Our game-changing, patented technology captures every change and supports hybrid cloud use cases for on-demand burst-out processing, data archiving and offsite disaster recovery with no downtime and no data loss.

Better than all other NFS solutions

Better than all other NFS solutions

  • No migration downtime as source and target environments operate in parallel during migration.
  • No overhead imposed by periodic directory scanning and batch data transfer.
  • No one-way multi-master synchronization with our continuous one-way to N-way synchronization.
  • No lack of data consistency across source and target environments.
  • No need to limit the number of servers and data centers with our unlimited scalability.
  • Prevents administrator error leading to extended downtime and data loss during disaster recovery.
Better than all other NFS solutions

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