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Geo-distributed data doesn't need to slow down your digital transformation

Consistent Data Everywhere

Keeping data consistent in a distributed environment is a massive challenge. WANdisco Fusion, an enterprise-class software platform, solves the exponentially growing challenge of keeping unstructured data available across diverse IT environments regardless of geographic location, architecture, or cloud storage provider.

Used by enterprises worldwide, our technology is based on a high-performance coordination engine called DConE, which uses consensus to keep Hadoop and object store data accessible, accurate, and consistent in different locations across any environment — on-premise, Hybrid Cloud, multi-region and Multi Cloud. WANdisco Fusion is a foundation for a modern cloud data strategy — a LiveData strategy — because it prevents data disasters, de-risks data migration to the cloud, and simplifies hybrid and Multi Cloud data management.

WANdisco Fusion Overview

No downtime, no outages.

Protect your investment

No downtime, no outages, and no risk with guaranteed near-zero RTO and RPO.

Create a bedrock for performance.

Transform your IT economics

Create a bedrock for performance by fully utilizing hardware previously reserved for backup and recovery.

Put your data to work.

Break through legacy constraints

Put all your data to work for the business and innovate without worrying that your IT investments will be left behind.

  • Coordinates changes to data across heterogeneous storage systems achieving consensus and consistency at scale.
  • Minimizes latency by allowing applications to use data locally, while replicating changes consistency with other replicas.
  • Eliminates points of failure by ensuring data remain available even when systems fail.
  • Self-healing in the event of an outage with automated recovery.
  • Multi-directional replication capability allows active workloads in all locations.
  • Works with Hadoop file systems, object storage, Hive data, and security metadata.
  • Works across any network topology — LAN, WAN, public and private clouds.
  • Leverages a common administration and management interface.

LiveData Strategy

Make your data globally accessible and consistent everywhere with a LiveData strategy. Alleviating the challenges of siloed data, a LiveData strategy ensures that enterprise data stays accurate, accessible, and consistent across your global IT environment. With a LiveData strategy, every user and every application has always-available data, regardless of geographic location, data platform architecture, or cloud storage provider.

Make your data globally accessible and consistent everywhere with a LiveData strategy

A platform for any IT architecture

Geo-distributed data doesn't need to slow down your digital transformation

Data Consistency in a Multi Cloud World

WANdisco Fusion platform enables any hybrid and Multi Cloud strategy. Enterprises are recognizing the benefits of a Multi Cloud strategy: greater flexibility and functionality, stronger resilience and disaster recovery, and improved business performance.

Different applications have distinct needs, and different cloud products have distinct strengths and weaknesses. As a result, each department within an organization may be using a different cloud platform for their applications. Even though they may not have deliberately planned it, most enterprises are finding themselves working with several cloud vendors. Managing a complex network of multiple cloud vendors and instances, spread across many regions, creates big data management challenges including global data consistency, and data availability during data migrations

Business Benefits

  • Business continuity in a distributed environment: A new approach to large scale data replication ensures data consistency and availability, even during large scale data migrations / cloud migrations.
  • Global data resiliency: Continuous replication prevents data disasters.
  • Always available data: Users and applications can access and change data from any location.
  • Improved application performance: Eliminates latency, points of failure, and availability challenges associated with geo-distributed data regardless of distance.
  • Ability to meet strict data SLAs: Near-zero RPO/RTO removes data gaps inherent with point-in-time backups or snapshots, and enables a long-term strategy for meeting regulation compliance requirements.
  • Reduced data gravity challenges: Avoids cloud vendor lock-in and simplifies management of multiple cloud storage providers.
  • Self-healing: Eliminates the need for administrators to respond to system level failures with automated recovery.

WANdisco Fusion Platform Plugins

WANdisco Fusion's plug-in architecture is highly flexible, enabling multi-Hadoop distribution, hybrid cloud, and Multi Cloud strategies.

The extensible platform plugins work on popular data sources, physical devices, and Hadoop components, e.g., Range, Hive and Sentry, ensuring compatibility with multiple systems.

The platform plugins enable operations in unlimited regions in AWS, Azure, and major cloud vendors, or a mix of on-premises and cloud S3-compatible storage services.

WANdisco Fusion's plug-in architecture is highly flexible.

LiveData Use Cases

Adopt scalable cloud storage

Free your systems from the capital constraints of acquiring storage hardware by leveraging cloud storage systems, including Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, Google Cloud Storage and Alibaba Object Storage Service.

Cloud migration without downtime

Cloud migration without downtime No-disruption data migration allows your users and systems to continue operating while migration is underway—even if the migration takes weeks or months.

Cloud analytics tools

Bring your on-premises workloads to the analytic tooling available in the cloud. Follow defined processes for using systems like Databricks, Snowflake and Hadoop in the cloud without affecting your on- premises activities

Data lake consolidation

Synchronize multiple data lakes, unify data silos, and maximize your data lake investment and line of business data utilization.

Hybrid Cloud enablement

Keeps on-premises and cloud environments continuously in sync capturing every change wherever it occurs.

Protection from cloud vendor over-reliance

Eliminate application downtime from the failure of an object storage service by having strongly consistent replicas of objects in another cloud or location (and avoid vendor lock-in).

Use the right cloud for the right job

Optimize your Multi Cloud strategy and business performance by taking advantage of each cloud's unique or best-performing capabilities (and avoid vendor lock-in).

Multi Cloud data operations enablement

Guarantee global, continuous data accuracy to applications in different clouds across geo-distributed, multi-region, Multi Cloud architectures.

Disaster prevention for any environment

Disaster recovery and high availability via near-zero RTO and RPO ensures business continuity and data SLA compliance across on-premises, hybrid and multi-region, Multi Cloud environments.

White Paper

What is DConE and how is it different?

WANdisco Fusion is powered by DConE, which is a high-performance, coordination engine able to work across wide-area networks. The technology uses distributed consensus to guarantee data consistency.

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