Use Case: Intrepid acceleration of design innovation

Intrepid acceleration of design innovation

Reducing complexity and risk of data movement – at rest and in motion – to the cloud


A large graphics chip maker wanted to massively accelerate its design innovation. How could it migrate and manage more than 100 TB of critical data to take advantage of cloud-based analytics?


  • The company wanted to cut operational costs by moving to the cloud.
  • Instead of building a second on-premises Hortonworks cluster, the customer chose MS Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure HDInsight as its preferred platform, looking to exploit its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Connection capacity and latency challenges for around 100 TB of on-premises data presented significantly limiting factors for the proposed cloud migration.
  • The company could not afford extended - or even any - downtime during the migration, and could not risk systems outage or data loss if the migration failed.


  • How could the company move to the cloud without disrupting ongoing, critical business operations?
  • How could it account for the the delta between the data captured at a point in time and the subsequent source data changes made during the migration?
  • What was the best achievable RTO for critical systems in the event of an outage? the majority from on-premises infrastructure, combined with data already located in Azure.


  • Deploy WANdisco Fusion to create a LiveData platform to create a point-in-time copy of Hadoop data onto an Azure Data Box (a special-purpose Microsoft device) for physical transfer to Microsoft Azure ADLS.
  • Build a LiveData connection to continuously synchronize ongoing changes of the on-premises Hadoop data to Hadoop on Azure, with WANdisco Fusion automatically and seamlessly managing updated data.
  • Captured and coordinated data from and to multiple storage architectures.


  • Spark
  • Oozi
  • HBase
  • Hortonworks HDP
  • Azure Data Services
  • Azure Data Box — a bulk data transfer physical device
  • WANdisco Fusion


  • Migrated 100 TB and successfully coordinated data between the three platforms — on-premises Hortonworks, Azure Data Box, and Azure HDInsight.
  • Multiple sources of data ingested will be coordinated with ADLS to create the near-zero RTO disaster recovery capability.
  • Enabled multi-cloud environment replication for future use, offering the opportunity to switch to cloud as production and on-premises as backup.

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