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Consistent Ranger Policies

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What is Apache Ranger?

Apache Ranger is a framework to manage data security in Hadoop deployments. It provides centralized security administration, fine-grained authorization and centralized auditing within a single cluster. Use the LiveData Ranger Plugin to extend the capabilities of WANdisco LiveData Platform to Apache Ranger across multiple Hadoop environments, and keep your security policies consistent

WANdisco LiveData Platform enables a LiveData strategy consistent data everywhere, spanning platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale. Business critical data is guaranteed consistent, always available, and accessible from anywhere.

What is WANdisco LiveData Ranger Plugin?

Consistent Ranger policies

The WANdisco LiveData Ranger Plugin extends the capabilities of WANdisco LiveData Platform to allow your HDP clusters to replicate Apache Ranger policy definitions. Give your clusters a shared set of Ranger policies without the cost of single points of failure, degraded performance or administrative headaches. Replicate policy definitions as they are created or modified in any cluster, with strong consistency among all environments.

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What is WANdisco LiveRanger for Apache Ranger?

Guaranteed policy consistency

Create and modify policies from any cluster. Ensure comprehensive data security across multiple clusters without administrative overhead.

Always available

Ensure consistent representation of security policies among clusters all the time. Replicate your changes as they occur, without conflict among environments. Do not expose your clusters to the risk of periods of time where policy definitions are not consistent.

Automatic recovery

Recover from network or system outages automatically without the risk of introducing policy inconsistencies. Accommodate your planned and unplanned outages with ease, and reduce administration costs.

Simple administration and integration

Extend an existing WANdisco LiveData Platform deployment with the WANdisco LiveData Plugin for Live Ranger without downtime or disruption. Take advantage of LiveData replication for Apache Ranger policies without change to cluster applications or any change to each cluster’s Ranger infrastructure.

Supported Environments

Supports all major Hadoop distributions, and cloud service providers

Consistent data everywhere

Keeping data consistent in a distributed environment is a massive challenge. WANdisco LiveData Platform solves the exponentially growing challenge of keeping unstructured data available across diverse IT environments regardless of geographic location, architecture, or cloud storage provider

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