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The move to cloud analytics is making companies more competitive, lean, and nimble. However, this is not an easy pursuit given legacy systems and process, and the transformation is fraught with risk trying to run the existing business without disruption.

Automated Migration for Cloud Analytics

Zero Downtime. Zero Data Loss. 100% Consistency.

LiveAnalytics provides immediate analytic data access through continuous automated replication from on-premises Hadoop analytics to Spark based cloud analytics.

Data from Hive to Delta Lake

Automate replication

WANdisco LiveAnalytics and Databricks Delta Lake provide an automated risk-free answer to the challenges of replicating enterprise big data systems to the cloud. Together we provide a solution for organizations to take advantage of a unified analytics platform in the cloud without disrupting business operations.

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On-premises to cloud

Built upon WANdisco’s LiveMigrator and Plugin for Databricks Delta Lake technologies, LiveAnalytics allows you to just select your data sets and push start. LiveMigrator provides One Click automated replication across all major commercial Hadoop distributions and cloud storage and analytic services. Requiring just One Pass of the source storage, LiveMigrator’s One Consensus capability ensures 100% Data Consistency.

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Hadoop/Hive to Databricks with Live Analytics


WANdisco LiveDeltaLake

LiveDeltaLake ensures Databricks users get consistent business insights when using multiple cloud regions or providers. With LiveDeltaLake, any changes made to content in Managed Delta Lake on Databricks are replicated among these environments.

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LiveAnalytics Key Features

Delta Lake brings key features to cloud storage that have challenged adopters of the cloud:

Hadoop & Object Storage

Works across a variety of big data source and target environments, including all major Hadoop distributions and object storage technologies such as AWS S3 and Azure ADLS.

Plugin for Databricks DeltaLake

Replicates Hive content to cloud storage for Databricks to make Hive data and metadata available as Delta Lake tables.

Petabyte Scale

Migrates big data sets at any scale to cloud storage without needing to halt changes made to the data sets during migration.

One Click

With Automated Replication, just select data sets and push start. LiveAnalytics notifies you when migration is complete with no scripts, no code maintenance, no transfer devices, no scheduling, and no reviewing.

Selective Migration

Allows selection of which data sets should be migrated. Administrators define replication policies that control what data is replicated between clusters and selectively exclude data from migration to specific clusters in the new environment, or move it off to be archived.

One Pass

Migrates existing data sets with a single pass through the source storage system, eliminating the overhead of repeated scans.

One Consensus

As changes occur anywhere in the donor system, LiveAnalytics One Consensus creates and ensures beneficiary data consistency. It incorporates changes made to the data sets under migration with a strongly consistent distributed consensus engine, so that applications can continue to modify the donor system’s data without causing divergence between donor and beneficiary.

Automatic Outage Recovery

LiveAnalytics One Consensus eliminates the need for manual response to system failures, including network outages and other disruptions.

Bandwidth Management

Optimizes bandwidth use by eliminating the need for repeated transfer of data, and enforces limits on bandwidth use.

Rapid Availability

Minimizes the time required to bring workloads to the cloud by making each data location available for use as soon as bandwidth allows.

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