Guaranteed data consistency and availability

IBM has entered into an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement to resell WANdisco Fusion, rebranded as IBM Big Replicate - a key embedded component of their big data, cloud and analytics solutions. IBM customers can now experience the benefits of our game-changing, patented active replication technology that delivers guaranteed data consistency and availability across any combination of on-premises and cloud environments regardless of distance and data source.

Additional benefits

  • Lower complexity with simplified backup, recovery, migration, and expansion
  • Migrate to cloud and go hybrid with no downtime 
  • Eliminate the need for standby hardware, so money is not wasted on read-only backup servers. Hardware previously used for backup and recovery becomes fully active, enabling your Hadoop deployment to scale up dramatically with existing resources 
  • Dynamically add new clusters and data centers to live Hadoop or hybrid cloud deployments with no downtime and no disruption 
  • Enable staggered upgrades and migration between Hadoop clusters and cloud environments with no disruption to production applications 
  • Migrate production data to the cloud with no downtime and no data loss 
  • Move data in and out of the cloud as it changes for on-demand burst-out processing and offsite data replication 
  • Replicate data as it streams in as files do not have to be fully written and closed before transferring data

“The notions of being able to handle hybrid solutions both on premise and on cloud with heterogeneous capability in a noninvasive way that provides continuous data is something that every enterprise needs”

Ritika Gunner Vice President, Offering Management,
Data & Analytics at IBM

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When it comes to enabling companies to finally put all their data to work for the business, our partnership with IBM is uniquely qualified to make LIVE DATA a reality. Together, we are working to digitally transform business.

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