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Backup and Data Restoration Capabilities

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What is WANdisco LiveData Backup Plugin?

The Backup Plugin adds backup and data restoration capabilities to WANdisco LiveData Platform. HDFS data can be snapshotted and stored within LiveData Platform, then, if required data from snapshots can be restored to your clusters, using LiveData Platform’s replication system.

Supported Functionality

  • Create backups (in the form of HDFS snapshots) of data stored in replicated directories, based upon a user-defined schedule policy<
  • Backups are replicated between nodes in a zone, and not between zones. Each zone can operate its own set of backup policies
  • Backups can be enabled in a single zone or enabled in multiple zones, with each zone configured for different schedules or backup paths


The diagram shown on the right identifies the essential parts of the architecture.

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