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WANdisco LiveMigrator: The Only Viable Solution for At-scale, Active Hadoop and Analytics Migration to the Cloud

October 15 2019

Independent benchmarking study finds that technology has significant
Time to First Data advantage with 3 minutes vs. 85 days for 1PB of data

San Ramon, CA, October 15, 2019WANdisco (LSE: WAND), the LiveData company, announced today that an independent benchmarking study by CleverMoe CEO and expert analyst Frank Cohen found WANdisco’s LiveMigrator/LiveAnalytics cloud and analytics migration technology to have significantly outperformed Cloudera BDR in moving data to the cloud. The report found that LiveMigrator made data available (Time to Available Data (TTAD)) in the destination cluster after three minutes (under the benchmarked network configurations) regardless of the scale of the data. In comparison BDR took two hours for the first data to be available when migrating just one TB of data and that the delay scaled linearly with the size of the data set. In a petabyte example, LiveMigrator would make data available after three minutes vs. 85 days for BDR. LiveMigrator’s performance for Total Migration Time (TMT) also outperformed Cloudera BDR with LiveMigrator’s full transfer of a cluster being 30% faster than BDR while using 40% less memory.

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The study found that LiveMigrator could replicate the same data volumes during normal operations, when other applications were running on the source cluster, up to 90% faster than BDR without impacting the performance of the applications. While LiveMigrator allowed data to be available from the target cluster during migration, Cloudera’s BDR technology required data to be offline until the entire migration was completed. In the case of a petabyte of data, this could mean nearly three months of downtime.

With WANdisco’s LiveAnalytics solution with Databricks, which migrates Hadoop analytics data into Databricks on the Azure and AWS cloud, data was made available for use in Delta Lake after three minutes. There is no comparable solution to automate the ingestion of Hadoop analytical data into Delta Lake with zero downtime that enables continuous data analytics during migration and allows the source data to undergo changes during migration.

“Migrating data to the cloud is a challenge that has vexed enterprises for years – to the point that they delay the project for lack of not knowing how to move forward,” said WANdisco CEO David Richards. “This benchmark study confirms that LiveMigrator and LiveAnalytics provides a uniquely fast and effective solution for migrating data to the cloud without interruption. Enterprises can access data during migration and have confidence that their data won’t be compromised throughout the process. Waiting until all of the data has transferred can take months and is simply not a realistic solution.” 

"In a side-by-side implementation of moving big data from on-premises to the Cloud, we found WANdisco LiveMigrator required 40% less time and costs compared to Cloudera BDR,” said Frank Cohen, an independent expert and analyst, and CEO, Clever Moe. “We found that LiveMigrator has a significant
Time to First Data advantage of 3 minutes compared to BDR’s 85 days for one petabyte of data.”

LiveMigrator helps enterprises seamlessly migrate petabytes of unstructured data in one pass from on-premises data centers to any cloud vendor. Instead of implementing costly and risky multiple passes to migrate data, which can take three to six months and block users from making changes to data while migration is underway, LiveMigrator allows applications to continue to access the on-premises environment, even as data moves to the cloud.

LiveMigrator works in tandem with the recently launched LiveAnalytics, which offers continuous data analytics in a Databricks/Spark environment during cloud migration. It provides enterprises with uninterrupted business intelligence insights as they move data from on-premises Hadoop to cloud-based Spark-based analytics. With LiveAnalytics, companies can immediately and continuously analyze both migrated and migrating data to continue their analytics as usual.

About Frank Cohen
Frank Cohen is an application performance and architecture expert and Silicon Valley inventor (three patents, two pending), serial entrepreneur (two exits), and software engineer. He started the Antivirus market with Symantec Norton Antivirus & Utils, helped get Apple onto the Web, introduced Sun to web messaging and social media. An advisor to PepsiCo, Best Buy, GM, Ford, US Navy, Air Force, and DISA on solving scalability and performance issues, he is also an author of Open Source competitive evaluation guides on serverless, microservices and integration development platforms, application performance management (APM), big data migration, and testing platforms. Mr. Cohen is currently the founder at Appvance Inc. (performance testing) and Clever Moe (AI for digital ad targeting).

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