Sheffield-based software firm secures £400k+ contract with global mobile network

January 03 2019

The agreement is valued at around $565k (about £449k) per annum and will see the network deploy WANdisco’s patented big data and cloud product, WANdisco Fusion for Multi-Cloud.

The contract was won by WANdisco, whilst working with Amazon Web Services. The network will deploy Fusion to enable continuous replication of data across multiple Amazon cloud environments and locations.

This marks the first contract where a client will utilise Fusion for both multi-cloud and multi-tenancy use cases. The initial three-year subscription contract is valued at $565k with opportunities for expansion during the term.

David Richards, chief executive officer and chairman of WANdisco, said: “It is becoming increasingly unlikely that businesses of this scale will chose to depend on a single cloud vendor for their data requirements.

“We are seeing businesses with complex data requirements choose multiple suppliers for a range of specialised data use cases. This requires data to be replicated across a multi-cloud architecture with guaranteed data accuracy.

“The only technology that can enable such live data at scale is WANdisco Fusion.”

WANdisco Fusion for Multi-Cloud is said to allow consistent global data within an organisation, allowing customers to replicate data across a multi-cloud architecture, which is said to ‘guarantee’ data accuracy.

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