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James Kobielus is Wikibon’s Lead Analyst for Data Science, Deep Learning, and Application Development. Previously, James was IBM’s data science evangelist. He managed IBM’s thought leadership, social and influencer marketing programs targeted at developers of big data analytics, machine learning, and cognitive computing applications.

Resilience is risk mitigation that is engineered into your IT infrastructure, giving you the confidence that your systems will stand up strong, especially in times of crisis.
Every global, data-intensive enterprise, particularly in banking and financial services, must incorporate comprehensive risk mitigation into every layer of their infrastructure to remain viable. Download the new "Building Resilient Data Multiclouds" report by, James Kobielus and learn the latest on ensuring data consistency in a multi-cloud environment.


Fundamental resilience issues stem from the proliferation of independent, fragmented data sources.

Most enterprises have failed to bring together their data platforms in a single fabric that aggregates, standardizes, and reconciles all data to mandated formats.

End-to-end resilience architecture which ensures that all data is always consistent and available is achievable with a LiveData platform.

IT resiliency to reduce risk is intuitive and not necessarily a new theme even as applied to the cloud. However, technology on a rapid evolutionary trajectory forces traditional or legacy approaches out, and inspires the development of new and more efficient replacements