February 2019  |   DISCOtecher

How to achieve a disruption-free migration to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Paul Scott-Murphy, VP of Product Management at WANdisco, and DISCOtecher, Director of Product and Channel Marketing at WANdisco, discuss how clients can get to ADLS Gen2 without downtime for their critical systems.
January 2019  |   David Richards, VMblog

WANdisco 2019 Predictions: Data tech gets realistic

In 2018, the tech scene boasted extensively and, as it turns out, prematurely, about the potential of revolutionary technologies like blockchain and AI to finally deliver us into the future. With the hindsight of the real-world applications of these technologies, however, 2019 will take on a more...
January 2019  |   DISCOtecher

Announcing LiveData for MultiCloud

Data is becoming more and more distributed, stored in multiple locations on-premises and in the cloud. An influx of constantly changing data generated in and outside the organization presents challenges for data accessibility and data consistency. Innovation and economic growth are enabled by the...
December 2018  |   DISCOtecher

Multi-cloud futures are driving evolved data strategies for cloud analytics

Today the immediate availability of analytics has become business-critical. Jagane Sundar comments on the pressures that are prompting new data strategies for cloud analytics, and how enterprises are preparing for multi-cloud environments.
November 2018  |   Paul Scott-Murphy, WANdisco

Managing the Cloudera-Hortonworks merger by embracing the LiveData opportunity

As Cloudera and Hortonworks bring their competing systems together, customers will be faced with data migrations. Why not make managing the merger simpler, by embracing a LiveData strategy?
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