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Banking on the cloud

Conventional wisdom that companies in regulated industries are avoiding the public cloud no longer applies.

The wave of fintech startups, digital challengers and tech giants presents a threat to the big banks that is unlikely to go away soon. The impact of the financial crisis, scandals in the interbank and foreign exchange markets and continued volatility in global markets has meant regulators the world over continue to scrutinize banks like never before. Cloud computing can help the banks to respond more effectively to these challenges by driving down costs, enabling innovation an...

Jun 01, 2016

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Data Gravity: the new KPI for tech companies

Some cloud vendors are beating competitors with their ability to accumulate knowledge about customers and deeply understand their needs

Data is the new natural resource of our time. Information that was previously thrown away is transforming every facet of business as organizations use technology to query and analyze data in real time to help them better understand their customers’ behaviour and markets. Such knowledge and insight is helping businesses make better decisions and improve performance.

Yet for data to be worth anything, organizations must have the ability to ...

May 26, 2016

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Ten reasons why your business should move to the cloud

The cloud gives you access to enormous computing power immediately

Ordering servers to operate behind a firewall can take months. For a business that needs to react to change and get products out of the door quickly, you do not have time to wait for the IT department to order and configure a new server when a virtual one can be delivered instantly.

There is no set up time to operate in the cloud

Technology such as WANdisco’s Fusion active replication make it easy to move large volumes of data to the cloud whilst continuing with transactions, enabling companies to move crit...

Apr 25, 2016

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Why CIOs should jump on the cloud

CIOs are increasingly at the heart of conversations about how to drive greater efficiency within business using technology. One of the key functions of a CIO has traditionally been to determine the best way to store massive amounts of data in a safe, easy-to-access, cost-effective manner. For a business not to get left behind there is only one answer to this question – they should move to the cloud. The ramifications of this shift present a great opportunity for a CIO to transform from a keeper of the technology into a true Chief of Information, managing data as a company asset much like the C...

Apr 18, 2016

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Making cities smarter

The pace of urbanization globally is unprecedented - by 2050 nearly 66% of the world’s population is expected to be urban. The ability to effectively manage this rapid urbanization is critical. Cities must find new ways to increase the efficiency of existing and new infrastructure and services to a level never previously achieved. Technology holds the key to maintaining and improving the economic and environmental health of a city by enabling it to evolve ‘smartly’. Such smart city technology can involve finding ways to relieve pollution or congestion using sensors and data analysis or i...

Apr 12, 2016

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